Taking Aston Martin onto the ice.

To bring Aston Martin to the attention of luxury lifestyle media we needed to appeal to the affluent tastes of their readers.

And appeal to them we did – we showcased the lifestyle of owning an Aston Martin in a series of truly unique and thrill-seeking settings in New Zealand.

DEC PR engaged six ANZ journalists, helicoptering them to the only proving ground in the Southern Hemisphere, where they experienced seven Aston Martin vehicles during an unforgettable on-ice driving experience.

So our journalists could experience and communicate the true on-road experience of an Aston Martin, we then arranged for a media driving adventure through the stunning Southern Alps in Queenstown.

These unique experiences secured high-impact coverage in luxury lifestyle publications across Australia and New Zealand, successfully communicating the opulence an Aston Martin could bring to the lifestyle of their readers.


Open Aston Martin up to luxury lifestyle media in Australia and New Zealand.